Whether you are experiencing anxiety, or depression, or struggling with a life transition, therapy can help create more balance and connection. Seeking therapy is a courageous first step towards creating change in one’s life and can help optimize the joyful moments and minimize the challenges. Research shows that counseling can lead to a significant reduction in feelings of distress, improve coping skills, enhance relationships, increase problem solving skills, as well as help you learn to live in the present. My primary goal in treatment is to make you feel heard, seen, understood and that you not feel alone in your struggles.

I have extensive experience working with individuals of all ages as well as with diverse groups of families.  With over 25 years of experience, life’s work has been focused on helping individuals of all ages build resilience, increase self awareness of behavior and thinking patterns, while strengthening relationships.  In my practice, I work to collaborate together with you to help you find the solutions to the answers you seek. I try to modify the treatment to suit the individual or family needs.Treatment may be relational or process work, or more goal directed and focused on specific behavior changes. For most successful outcomes, issues will typically need to be worked on at home as well as in the therapy sessions. In the case of children, parents often need to make changes in their own behavior in order to help their children to change as well. Progress may happen slowly and requires a very active effort on the clients part. I will work hard to create a safe space for you to ask important questions and engage in nonjudgmental conversations that facilitate new insight. I am dedicated to providing compassionate individualized care for you or your child.